Nu är det nytt år och dags för nyårslöftet för 2018. Mitt nyårslöfte är att göra fler och mindre äventyr närmre mitt hem och på hemmaplan i Sverige. Läs min senaste Klättermusen-Storie på www.klattermusen.com/en/stories/andreas-a-local-hero som handlar om min plan för Mikroäventyr under 2018 och som kort beskriver 2018 års första Mikroäventyr på Öland.

Jag fotar väderkvarnar och annat på Öland, leker med steel wool-fotografering och har en ljuvlig solnedgång vid kusten!


For me, life is all about contrast. Simple or complicated. Far or near. Big or small. Indoors or outdoors. You always enjoy one more, after the other. 2017 has passed and I’m looking forward to 2018. My last two years have been about big adventures, far away. I’ve spent many months on the road in Africa, I’ve been cruising in the Caribbean, I’ve been scuba diving in Egypt and I have been doing long hikes in the mountains. If 2017 was a big, far and complicated year, my 2018 will be about smaller adventures closer to home. My new year’s resolution for 2018 is to do more micro-adventures, closer to home, and I’m starting RIGHT NOW!  First up for 2018 is some night time photography in my backyard. Well, more or less my backyard. During the holidays I spent a few nights on Öland, Sweden’s second biggest island. On January 1st I decided to make the most of it. Instead of all the hassle with airports, luggage, check in, transfer this, transfer that, I just packed my Tor 80-backpack with everything I needed for two nights, including my camera gear, I got in the car and drove for less than two hours. Bam! and I’m there.

The weather on Öland’s southern most point in early January is cold and windy. Everywhere you go, you are very exposed to the elements. The wind gathers speed, sweeping in across the Baltic sea. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of the mountains, being above the tree line. The wind is whipping your face. It’s cold. At first I thought it might be overkill to bring my Rimfaxe pants, since I wasn’t going on a winter expedition or anything, but they really did the trick and then some! Driving around on Öland, I found some really cool locations to photograph. There are a lot of small coves and bays, windmills, light houses and fisherman huts. There are also many places with beautiful night skies, due to low amounts of light pollution. Even though it was raining or snowing most of the time, I got some nice, moody shoots. I hope they capture the contrast between the dark, cold nights and a warm, beautiful sunrise.

This has been a really great experience! I have enjoyed discovering new, beautiful nature that is just around the corner. It reminds me you don’t have to spend time and natural resources to travel far away every time you feel like going on an adventure. It suits me very well to be able to get out in nature with minimal amount of planning and short travel time. I have a feeling 2018 will be an awesome year. I hope yours will as well.

Ser sjukt mycket fram emot fler mikroäventyr under 2018 🙂