Tioman Survival Trip

Active vacation in a tropical paradise
Adventure. Beach. Experience.

Food is included. And no, we are not talking coconuts and water, only 😉

We will stay in a modern hotel AND be sleeping under the stars. Just the perfect combination.

Meet new people and make new friends! 

Enjoy a tropical paradise in a truly unique way. Combine adventure and beach holiday.

Our concept is to combine an active holiday adventure with a nice, relaxing beach vacation. 

What is Tioman Survival Trip?

Tioman Survival Trip is the adventure of a lifetime!
This is an active vacation with a twist. Combine an amazing beach vacation with an active survival adventure. Wrap up your trip with a bunch of optional activities. Choose from world-class scuba diving (from total beginner to experienced), to kayaking, native cooking classes, photography classes, golf, spa and more.

We welcome you to Malaysian Tioman Island, a pristine paradise island where time stands still. 99% of the world’s resort locations are in a developed community with cars, trash, pollution, lots of people and big buildings. This is nothing like that! On our island, there are no cars. Only one street. There are no big buildings. This is a really unique opportunity to experience a genuine, tropical paradise before it is too late.  


For 12 days we will practice survival skills in a fun manner while we explore the island. We will learn to build a fire, build shelter, cook over an open fire, sleep in hammocks and much more. Some night we sleep indoors and each day ends with a nice dinner and socializing. If your travel companions don’t have the same interest in an adventure as you, you can still see each other every evening we spend at our hotel.



After a few days, we are ready for our big challenge! By boat, we will be dropped off on a deserted island. We mean DESERTED. Here you will find NO ONE is living, no buildings, no nothing. We will land on the most amazing beach you could ever imagine, and this is the place we will call home for the next few days, while we practice what we learned to stay warm, eat, drink and at the same time have a good time. Here we will live like marooned sailors, shipwrecked on a paradise island.



Your two instructors and guides will be on the island with you. You and your group will be responsible for making the best out of the situation and will be guided through the experience if needed.

On our two islands, there are very few snakes, spiders, insects or other dangerous or venomous creatures. There are a few mosquitos, but no malaria. Waters are full of fish and if we are really lucky we might see a shark. Due to no light pollution (no artificial light) the clear night skies will be filled with more stars than you ever thought possible.


For who?

This adventure is suitable for anyone who doesn´t feel like spending a week on the beach and then go home. This is for those of you looking for a vacation with focus on activities and adventure with a sprinkle of beach and some modern amenities in between. Challenge yourself to an adventure while your other travel companions enjoy a magical beach- and resort vacation. Meet up for dinner and drinks in leisure evening time, so you still feel like you are on holiday together. After our program, feel free to extend your stay and enjoy activities from world-class scuba diving (from total beginner to experienced), to kayaking, native cooking classes, photography classes and more.







Environmental impact?
The only way to do a trip like this is to do it as environmentally friendly as possible. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the same pristine nature we are visiting.

That’s why we take a lot of actions to leave Tioman without a trace and hopefully in a better way then when we arrived.


*Our hotel and resort is Green Fin Certified
*All food we use is locally produced when possible or shipped from the mainland. (instead of cutting down the forest on the islands for farming)
*Part of proceeds goes back to local environment projects
*We end the trip with a beach clean up in collaboration with Reef Check Malaysia
*During the entire trip we always collect all trash we might find
*We minimize all plastic use in all ways we can



(Weather and/or other unforeseen events may force us to change the program for safety and or other reasons)

Your guides will be at Tioman Island several days before you arrive to make preparations. 


Day 1:

You arrive in Kuala Lumpur. One of our drivers will meet you outside the airport. He will have a sign, so it is easy to find him. When the whole group has arrived, you get transferred by car to the small and cozy village of Gemok. Here one of your guides will meet you and the whole group will check in to a hotel. After a long journey, it’s nice with a shower and some dinner! Depending on arrival time, you will have the afternoon to rest or to explore the surroundings on your own, before dinner. In the evening we will have a short briefing about our adventure and what’s going to happen next. We will introduce ourselves and start to get to know each other.


Day 2:

Today we will take the ferry to our tropical paradise island – Tioman. Your guide has all the tickets and everything is prepared. After about three hours ride we arrive at Tioman and check in to our hotel. Here our second guide will meet up and we will have a more thorough briefing and introduction. After lunch, you will have a slow day with time for beach and sun, scuba diving, kayaking and relaxing.


Day 3:

After breakfast, we start our introduction to wilderness survival. During the day we will have shorter theory classes combined with practical demonstrations and exercises. We talk about the psychology of survival, basic skills like building a fire, we practice to make a fire and we cook our own lunch outdoors. In the evening we return to our hotel and enjoy a nice dinner while we reflect on the day and what we experienced.


Day 4:

We continue our survival training in the jungle. Today we hike to a secluded beach, we practice different skills and end the day by kayaking back to our main beach and our hotel.


Day 5: 

Today’s goal is a secret waterfall in the jungle, where we will spend the night outside! Together we hike there, carrying our gear, some food and provisions. On the way, we practice skills and enjoy the magical scenery. Before we go to bed in our camp and hammocks, we enjoy a campfire and some food.


Day 6:

We break camp early and make sure to not leave any rubbish and as little tracks in nature as possible. Instead of walking to our main beach, we keep walking till we reach the other side of the island, Juara Beach. Here we have breakfast and lunch, and some relaxing on the beach. How do we get back to the hotel? Well…you’ll see 😉


Day 7: 

Today is the day! After breakfast, we will gather our gear and jump on a boat to de dropped off at Coral Island. Here we will stay for two nights and practice what we learned.


Day 8:

Just another day in paradise, putting our new skills to the test and using the group’s skills and knowledge to gather food, improving our shelter. Maybe you will find a surprise or two?


Day 9: 

Sometime during the day, we will get picked up from our shipwrecked beach on Coral Island, heading back to the hotel. The rest of the day is spent recovering before we end the day with a big barbecue and maybe a cold beer or soda!


Day 10: 

Free day on the beach to explore above or below the crystal clear waters.


Day 11: 

Free day on the beach to explore above or below the crystal clear waters.


Day 12: 

After breakfast, we sum up our adventure and say goodbye. Some of you are leaving this amazing adventure to go back home, some of you might opt to stay for a few more days, enjoying a well-earned vacation. When the ferry brings you to the mainland a car will be waiting for you, to drive you straight to the airport, in time for your flight home.





  • Start and finish at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • 9 days hotel and food on a tropical island
  • 7 days of basic survival training and wilderness tips
  • 3 nights wilderness camping
  • Social community
  • A systematic approach to safety
  • Well planned and thought out content
  • Access to places not allowed or found by the common tourist
  • A truly unique experience


  • Transfer airport-island-airport
  • Hotel 12 days
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 10 days
  • Hot beverage, water
  • Big barbecue-party
  • Two guides, drivers, boat captain
  • Access to unique Marine park and private land
  • All survival gear included
  • Gear list provided


  • International flight
  • Alcohol
  • Voluntary tip to the crew
  • Personal equipment according to pack list


  • Date: prel. October 2020
  • Number of days: 12 days
  • Deadline for booking: TBA
  • Where: Malaysia
  • Group size: 8-14
  • Fitness level: Normal
  • Guide: Andreas and Chris
  • Language: Swedish, English, German
  • Price: 29.00:- 22.950:- sek
  • Booking fee: 2.500:- sek



Is this really safe?
Yes. You will not get eaten by a shark or left to starve in the middle of a dark jungle. With that said, we are on an adventure trip and accidents can happen no matter what you do. But we work very actively to minimize risk.

I don’t know anything about jungle survival. Is that a problem?
Not at all! We welcome anyone wanting to learn more about basic, outdoor- or survival skills in a fun and safe matter.

Will I be hungry and miserable?
No. And yes. Most days you will be amazed by the food we eat. Some days, during the cast away-phase, you might have less food to eat, depending on what you and the group can forage. But rest assured we will not let you starve or go around thirsty no matter what.

Can I abort at any time?
Yes. Anytime you feel “This is not fun anymore” you have the option to abort, go back to the hotel and enjoy your holiday. This is supposed to be FUN and something to ENJOY! We are not doing a military boot-camp here!

Will we sleep on the ground?
No. Several days you will sleep indoors in our hotel. Some nights we spend outside, sleeping in a hammock with a mosquito net.

Are there any snakes?
Yes and no. On the islands, there are some snakes and insects. We also have mosquitos and some sand flies are what we need to look out for. HOWEVER…the chance (or risk) of seeing a snake is very low and we teach different precautions to take.

What is the impact on the island and surrounding nature?
This is VERY important to us! We want to leave Tioman Island in better shape than when we got there. We take many different kinds of actions to make sure this is a low impact on the environment.

I have special dietary needs.
Sure. Rarely is this a problem. Tell us about this and we will do what we can to meet your needs.

What happens if I don’t like the people in my group?
Just like at work or any other place where we meet different people, 99% of people are really nice and want to be friendly. We work closely together, facing all kinds of challenges. In many cases, this makes people come together and we never really experience this as a problem.

How physical is this adventure?
Well, it is a step up from a beach holiday 😉 Due to the nature of this adventure, it is important that you are healthy. With that said, you don’t need to be a superman or a superwoman to enjoy this adventure. Some days you need mental strength and a positive attitude.





Andreas’ work background is as a teacher, working as an instructor at a guide training-program. For the last few years, he has been working as a guide, guiding expeditions to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Inka trail in Peru as well as in the Swedish mountains and kayaking trips in the Swedish archipelago.

Andreas is a certified Mountain Leader, Kayak Instructor, CPR-instructor and an assistant instructor in the Swedish Survival Guild, among other things.

One of Andreas’s big passions in life is traveling and scuba diving.


Chris has traveled the world extensively over the last 30 years and done hiking in New Zealand, Namibia, Grand Canyon, Australia, Java and many other places. Chris has visited Tioman 15 times and this tropical island is like a second home to him!

He is born in Germany and now resides in southern Sweden where he runs a 5 star PADI dive shop. He is an avid scuba diver and a Master Scuba Diver Instructor and a specialty Instructor teaching many different PADI specialties and courses. Since 1993 Chris has done thousands of dives and certified thousands of students. He is a CPR-instructor, fee climber and a licensed electrician. 

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